GRGCC Members who wish to use our ranges are required to possess all necessary provincial and federal permits needed to possess, transport and employ firearms. Angling members are likewise required to possess and comply with all existing laws, rules and regulations in their sport.

Our Membership Year (MY) runs from 1 February until 31 January of the following year. Membership rates are not pro-rated.

Members who have paid for range privileges (see Fees below) can shoot on the Club ranges on approved days (see Shooting Schedule below):



Occasionally, specially scheduled Club events will restrict use of ranges for the general membership (e.g. Trophy Shoots, Father's Day Shoot, Xmas Turkey Shoots, etc.).

This Club is run by Volunteers. Members are expected to pitch-in where/when they can to share the burden of running the Club (e.g. facilities and grounds care, committee staffing, project management, executive duties, etc.). Nothing helps . . . . . like HELP.


The 2019 Membership Application and Renewal Form is HERE   . This FORM is a 2-page Form. Please print and complete in ink. The form is NOT 'fillable' on-line.

If more clarification regarding Membership is required, call 250.247.7229 for possible answers.

Members wishing to re-new for another year need only to print-off the Application & Renewal Form,fill it in, sign it and forward to the Membership Point Of Contact (found amongst the Executive listing in the 'Members Only' page), along with their fees. The completed form can also be mailed-in (Box 114, Gabriola, BC, V0R1X0) or brought to a General Meeting for hand-over. 

Look to the LIBRARY/REFERENCE web page for current Range Rules & Regulations, and Schedule 1 & 2 documentation.

Our Guest Fee is $5 per-shooter-per-day ( range fees and insurance ).

The Range Use Chit boxes in each range are intended to collect Guests' Range Use Chit/Fees and applicable Member's Range Use Chits during unscheduled, individual shooting. If Members are attending a scheduled Club event (e.g. Handgun FUN Shoot or Benchrest rifle), then the Organizer of that event will see that all names are recorded and fees collected, hence no Sign-In Chit completion is required by a Member. HOWEVER, Guests at a scheduled event should still complete a Range Use Chit to capture all information for possible insurance purposes.

NOTE: YOUR privacy is YOUR responsibility. The Webmaster and Club Messenger (e-mail sender) will assume unfettered use of your image (in photographs) and name in Club news/happenings/website UNLESS you advise otherwise (in writing on the annual Renewal or Initial Application Form submission or in an advisory e-mail).