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Compact .22 rifle . . .  or a "beater" .22 rifle for stock  modification. Inexpensive is the key word. :-) 

Andy @ 250.247.8580


For Sale

Ruger GP 100 (.357 Magnum) & Colt Model 70 (1911 in .45 ACP)


Dillon 550 Reloading Press, 12 gauge


Dillon shell casing tumbler



For Sale

Bushnell Rimfire 4 X 32 rifle scope $25

Ken @ 250.247.7511



243 reloading info on best loads and sharing costs of reloading if you already have equipment.    contact  Paul Smith 250 247 9471 


For Sale .22 Ammo


14 boxes (500)

7 Wildcat
7 American Eagle
$30. Per box
7 boxes Federal hollow point
400 per box
$30 per box
Will sell the lot for $600
Dean Leslie
250 247 9437

I’m looking for some 9mm brass for reloading. If anyone on Gabriola has any they are willing to sell, I would be very appreciative.
250 247 8501 home


For Sale

Mueller  Tactical 8.5-25X 44 AO scope. Semi Mil dot. Used only on rimfire rifles.
$ 150              250.247.8886